Welcome to Eurotech

Eurotech, the vibrant and affordable sanitary and bathroom brand with great fusion of the in vogue, aims to be a global brand in construction materials industry .

The brand will position itself in the minds of people who value European Designs, contemporary styles, international quality of craftsmanship, all at a price that speaks of unmatched value for money. The company is walking the same path of satisfying its customers with new and innovative offerings every day

The product that EUROTECH offers would be a prestige statement in itself, A commitment that has won us trust and loyalty by Maintaining consistency for superior quality, designs & distinctiveness in style with originality in concept for countless customers.We have also sale PPR-C Pipes and Tiles.We offer Eurotech ppr-c pipes 100% leak proof Guarantee. .


  • PPR-C pipe system
  • Sanitary wares
  • Cp Bath fittings & Accessories
  • Cabinet & Glass Basins
  • Shower solutions
  • Tiles
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Customers who are satisfied with our products and service and have experienced the improvements based on trial over few years have automatically came forward to buy EUROTECH products for own use as well as recommended to their near & dear ones..

Contact Details

Telephone:0494 2653111
Email: eurotech2001@yahoo.com
Website: www.eurotechpipe.com

Changaramkulam, Thirissur Road,
Malappuram Dist,